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Thanks to Spoon at for allowing me to import the dbpoweramp drive offsets. If the drive manufacturer could not be guessed the drive will be listed as manufacturer 'UNKNOWN'.

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< Means the information applies to all firmwares up to version.
> Means the information applies to all firmwares from version & higher.
NC Not Constant, drive has a varying offset (very rare).
HA HydrogenAudio forums submission.
DI Digital-Inn forums submission.
The Coaster Factory Extracted from The Coaster Factory (02/26/2002).
PR Private submission via email etc.

Manufacturer Model Type Firmware Accurate Stream Caching C2 Errors HTOA Overread Sample Offset Write Offset Submitted By
YAMAHA CRW-F1E CD-RW - +733 dbpoweramp (255)
YAMAHA CRW-F1E CD-RW 1.0g Yes Yes No Yes Both +733 +6 Pandor